Important Notice

The Championship games commence at 6.45pm, except Senior Triples at 2.00pm on dates shown. The winners will move to the next round venue. Clubs please note venue carefully. The host Club shall appoint an Umpire who shall collect signed score- cards and return them to the Renshaw Match Secretary, as below. In all competitions Scottish Bowls stage 1 dress code is expected.

Singles Championship: One substitute will be allowed in line with Scottishness stage 1. First competitor to reach 21 shots is the winner. Players must play at the specified venue and time shown on the tie sheet. Half an hour waiting time only will be allowed.
Junior Singles Championship: Rules are as for the Singles Championship. Players should be between 14 and 25 years of age at the commencement of the competition.
Secretaries Singles Championship: Rules are as Singles Championship.  Players should be or have been a Club or Match Secretary and Gents only.
Pairs Championship:  This Competition will consist of 17 ends. Substitutes will be allowed up to the Finals, in line with SBA stage 1.  A substitute can play any position other than skip and not have played in any previous Championship ties. Only one substitute per round with a maximum of 2 throughout competition.
Triples Championship: This Competition consists of 15 ends. All other rules as per the Pairs Championship with up to 3 substitutions.

Fours Championship: The Competition consists of 17 ends. All other rules as per the Pairs Championship with up to 4 substitutions.
Senior Triples: The Competition will consist of 13 ends. Players should be over 55 years of age at the commencement of competition. All other rules as per the Pairs Championship with up to 3 substitutions.
Results should be telephoned/texted or emailed in ASAP after game to: 07954695614
All score cards should be returned and signed to the Renshaw Match Secretary.
Address: 21. Graham Street, Barrhead G78 1EU.
Renshaw Challenge Cup on Saturday 8th June 2024 at 2.00pm.
The competition will consist of 4 triples with 2 points for a win and 1 for draw.

If points equal, highest up shots will then be determined as the winner of Challenge Cup.
The highest up triple will receive the Frank Kane trophy and £30.
If the match is abandoned – 8 ends will then count as a result.
Host Club umpires should phone match results at close of play to:
Renshaw Match Secretary at 07954695614